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Why Choose US

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Our staff are dedicated to providing the best client experience possible. Our friendly staff will assist, guide and match you to the best
family lawyer for your unique situation. This will help ensure your expectations are met from the start.


Make a reasonably priced, one hour fixed fee appointment with an experienced P&D family lawyer today, and make better decisions.
We believe in transparency and no fee surprises.


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"I will recommend you to my friends and family (should it ever arise that they are in need) and I will let them know the professional manner in which you conducted yourself and had my child's best interests at heart."


"Thank you so much for all of your support over the recent months. Your advice and assistance has been invaluable. I am really happy with the outcome we have achieved under the circumstances."


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"I just wanted to say thank you to yourself (Lucy) and Danielle for all your support over the past seven months. Your support has been invaluable and I’m extremely grateful for the outcome we’ve achieved. I really appreciate everything you have done for my boys and I. Thank you. "


"Your company is very professional and your staff were amazing. Thank you."


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When it is time to seek advice and get clarity on the best way forward for your family law matter, request a special fixed fee

one hour initial appointment at our offices in Perth, Joondalup or via the phone. If you just have a question, click here.

Call us on 9226 3300 or visit Family Lawyers Perth to book a time.

We look forward to assisting you!

A Family Lawyer Can Assist You


Preparing pre-nuptial agreements and binding financial agreements
Advising and settling proposed arrangements or agreements prepared by your partner


Resolving a family dispute through mediation
Dividing up your assets and liabilities
Working out living and care arrangements for your children
Sorting out the financial aspects of child support or spousal maintenance
Help resolve issues with children such as schooling, medical issues, holidays
Maintenance for adult children
Preparing your divorce application
Advise on financial and parenting arrangements


Adopting a child
Having a child via surrogacy
Protecting your child from abuse
If your partner tries to remove your children from the country without your permission (international relocations)
Children with gender identity disorder

With Relationships, Access and Extended Family Issues

Dealing with restraining orders for a violent family member
If a family member is stalking you or preventing your access to friends and family
If you feel your property may be at risk
Grandparents wanting access to grandchildren following separation

Family law and divorce practice areas

Paterson & Dowding practise in all areas of de facto, matrimonial family law. This includes property and related financial matters, child and parenting matters, spousal and partner maintenance, child support, restraining orders, post-separation binding financial agreements and divorce.

How Does a Family Lawyer help solve my issues

A Family Lawyer can assist you

Achieve your desired outcome for you and your family
When negotiating with other parties involved in your personal circumstances
With mediation to resolve issues early and to prevent the need to resort to more costly and time-consuming Family Court proceedings
By drafting legal documents which may be required to resolve your matter
Navigate the Family Law Act 1975, Family Court Act 1997 (Western Australia) and Child Support Acts 1988-89, as well as the Family Law Rules 2004
To avoid costly mistakes as you make your way through legal processes to achieve the outcome you desire
With representation in Court
With strategic legal guidance throughout the whole process until you reach a resolution of your matter.

Meet with a Paterson & Dowding Family Lawyer and Mediator today to gather information on your rights and responsibilities and available options.

How Can Using A Paterson & Dowding Family Lawyer Make a Difference

Paterson & Dowding is one of Western Australia’s oldest and most highly regarded family law firms.

Our Divorce Lawyers combine their years of experience (and the practice’s established path of success) with the realities of living in a fast-paced, modern world.

We respect that resolving your issue in Court can be the most time consuming and expensive resolution option for you, in circumstances where you may very well prefer a clear, definite outcome with minimal fuss experienced along the way. We are keenly aware that there are preferable options to explore before embarking on Court proceedings, and have specifically developed a model of practice which embraces negotiation, arbitration and mediation.

We are proud of our track record. We have trained our lawyers to embrace learning and ongoing development to keep up-to-date in an ever changing landscape. Many of our lawyers have gone on to become leading members of the judiciary. At the heart of their legacy is our experience.

We are driven by our desire to get our client – you – the best outcome whilst limiting the fallout on families.