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August 2016

Melissa Losinski celebrates 10 years admittance as a Family Lawyer

August 31, 2016

Melissa Losinski is celebrating 10 years’ admittance, as a Legal Practitioner, to the Supreme Court of Western Australian.

Melissa started with Paterson & Dowding in 2008 as a lawyer and has progressed to Principal.

Melissa practices in all areas of family law with extensive experience in dealing with complex financial matters. She regularly appears in the Family court and practices as a qualified Collaborative Lawyer.

She is known at Paterson & Dowding for her supportive nature towards our junior lawyers and is a keen contributor to the organisation of our social events.

Congratulations Mel.

Financial Advisors beware, your advice may not be covered by legal professional privilege in the Family Court

August 23, 2016

Something we commonly see as family lawyers is the way financial planners and accountants can leave their clients, and potentially themselves, exposed when dealing with matrimonial issues. Whether acting for spouses, de facto partners, their parents or business partners, the best of intentions can often lead to disastrous results.

Typical examples arise when a client tells their adviser:

  1. They are thinking, or actively planning, to leave their spouse or partner;
  2. They have entered into a new relationship, and want to make sure the new partner does not have a claim to particular assets such as a business or inheritance;
  3. They want to bring their son or daughter into the family business or farm, but make sure their child’s spouse or partner cannot get their hands on it; or
  4. They want to gift or loan money or property to their child, but make sure that the child’s spouse or partner does not get it.

Advisors want to do the right thing by their client, but advising them on these issues may be precisely the wrong thing to do. Read full article

SCF_30V9949sqB&W Sam Fahey, Principal

Paterson & Dowding supports future family lawyers

August 17, 2016

intern 2

Over last few weeks Paterson & Dowding has supervised a Murdoch University student, Natalija Macura and provided her with practical hands-on experience of working in a legal practice as part of her Work Integrated Leadership unit.

The purpose of the unit is to expose students to the legal problems of real clients and the real operation of the legal system. It allows them to reflect on and demonstrate a better understanding of the role of the law and lawyers in society as well as improving communication, problem solving, organisational and teamwork skills.

Natalija was a welcome addition to our team during her internship and we wish her success in the completion of her degree.