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January 2018

Family Lawyers supporting Women’s Refuge

January 9, 2018

Womens refuge

At Paterson & Dowding we are committed to working with those in the community who require a helping hand. With the festive season approaching, which for many families can be a difficult and challenging time, both the staff and the firm have put together some donation boxes for the Women’s refuges in and around the Perth metropolitan area. We hope this will help provide some assistance to those who need it.


Splitting Your Investment Property During A Divorce

January 5, 2018


Reaching a decision to end a marriage or a de facto relationship is an extremely emotional experience for most people.

Navigating all the logistics of the separation can be exhausting and overwhelming, and separating couples can find it extremely difficult to forge a way forward in both matters of the heart and the head.

Most married or de facto couples acquire assets (and liabilities) during their relationship and conflict can often arise when it comes to dividing these up in the event of a separation.  This ‘property and finance’ may include real estate (such as the family home and investment properties), motor vehicles, furniture, interests in businesses, shares, superannuation and money in banks or other financial institutions.

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