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September 2019

Family Law and superannuation in Western Australia

September 4, 2019

family law and superannuation in wa

When couples divide their property after the breakdown of a marriage they have the option of splitting their superannuation in order to reach a fair and equitable agreement about the division of their property. Splitting does not convert superannuation into a cash asset – it is still subject to superannuation laws and is usually retained as superannuation until retirement ages are reached.

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Press Release – Family Law Firm Recognised For Leadership In Family Law


Each September Doyles publishes their WA Family Law Rankings as to the best family law practitioners and firms in the WA legal market. The results are based on independent legal feedback obtained from peers, professional references and interstate practitioner referees.

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Does cheating cost you in a divorce?

does cheating cost you in a divorce

“Life is short, have an affair” is the catch phrase of Ashley Madison, the Canadian hook up site for cheating spouses which now boasts over 34 million members, including nearly 500,000 in Australia. And whilst the prevalence of infidelity in Australia is hard to measure, there is no doubt that when high profile personalities are caught cheating, it makes front page news. Remember Barnaby Joyce?

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Childbirth maintenance for pregnant, single moms

childbirth maintenance for pregnant single mums

Are you an expecting mother who has separated from the father of your unborn child? The Family Law Act 1975 allows expecting single mothers to apply to the Family Court to have the father of the unborn child provide financial support.

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I’m seperating, what do I do next?

i'm seperating what do i do next

Separating is daunting and many people experience a range of emotions, particularly in the early days of a relationship break up. You might feel numb, powerless and angry. Or you might feel a sense of sadness and loss. Most people also feel anxious about trying to work through all of the practicalities that are involved and are not sure where to start.

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