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Collaboration is a process where parties, their lawyers and other professionals agree to work together to find a workable solution.

Parties involved in a collaboration can have access to range of experts who can assist you in the process. For example, in disputes involving financial matters financial advisers and accountants can provide information or advice to help generate flexible options to accommodate long-term needs. In disputes involving children, therapists and child counsellors can help parties manage the process and make decisions that are best suited to the needs of their children.

Collaboration is different from mediation in that there is no mediator who facilitates the negotiations. The other important distinction is that in a collaborative process, you and your former partner agree not to go to Court and not threaten to use the Court process as a means of coercing the other to agree. This assists you to conduct negotiations in good faith however, if the collaborative process breaks down and you need to go to Court, new lawyers would need to be appointed.

You can also find us as well as further information on the Collaborative Professionals WA website.

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