Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Practitioners help parties resolve their parenting disputes.

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FDR Practitioners help parties resolve their parenting disputes

If you are intending to ask the Court for parenting orders, or to make changes to current parenting orders, you will be required (except in very limited circumstances) to attend Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) and to obtain a FDR Certificate before being able to commence Court proceedings.

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) is an independent person who has undertaken special training, is nationally accredited to satisfy certain legislative requirements and standards, and is registered with the Attorney General’s Department.

As a respected Family Law Firm in Perth and Joondalup, we can assist you with parenting disputes, which might include who your children will live with, who they will spend time with, and a range of other parenting decisions to be made following separation. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) can help separating or separated couples or interested parties reach an agreement without having to go to Court.

FDR can be a timely and cost effective process to help resolve disputes, allowing individuals to retain control of the solutions. You can also settle property and financial matters this way.

Family dispute resolution can only be conducted by a FDRP through organisations such as Relationships Australia, Anglicare and Centrecare, or by a private FDRP.

Paterson & Dowding Family Lawyers & Mediators are fortunate to have as co-director Lucy Thomas who is also an experienced, registered FDRP.

She uses her experience and mediation skills to help you and your former partner make the best decisions for your children. Lucy was recently voted by Doyle’s as the Market Leader in parenting cases in Western Australia.

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