Violence Restraining Orders

Fearful for your safety – do you need a restraining order.

Family Violence Restraining Order Western Australia

In Western Australia, persons who are fearful for their safety may apply to the Magistrates Court for protection against a person of whom they are fearful by the following means:

  1. Misconduct Restraining Order; or
  2. Violence Restraining Order;
  3. Family Violence Restraining Order (collectively referred to herein as “Restraining Orders”).

Misconduct Restraining Orders (“MRO”) are available to a person (“Protected Person”) who reasonably feels intimidated or who is having their property (or property in their possession) damaged by another person (“Person Bound”) with whom they are not in a family and domestic relationship. A MRO may also be sought in circumstances where the Person Bound is behaving in a certain way towards the Person Protected that may lead to a breach of the peace.

Violence Restraining Orders (“VRO”) are available in circumstances where a Person Bound has committed and act of abuse (either physical, emotional or psychological) against a Protected Person and is likely to commit further acts of abuse in the absence of any restraint. A VRO may also be obtained in circumstances where the Protected Person has a reasonable fear that the Person Bound will commit an act of abuse.

On 1 July 2017, the law that covers VRO’s was changed to widen the scope of the classification of family violence. These orders are now referred to as a Family Violence Restraining Order (“FVRO”).

Under the new law, Family violence now also includes the following (amongst other things):

  • Sharing or threatening to share intimate images of another person (revenge porn);
  • Detaining a person against their will;
  • Financial control;
  • Causing death or injury or threatening to cause death or injury to pets;
  • Damaging or threatening to damage joint property;
  • Repeatedly sending or causing the sending of unwanted and/or offensive text messages;
  • Stalking or cyber-stalking; and
  • Preventing contact and communication with friends and family.

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